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A woman wearing a hat holds her dachshund in the mountains of Oregon

I love capturing memories for beautiful souls like you...

Hello, I’m Jean Schiemer, a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Boise Idaho, and Eastern Oregon. I grew up on a small farm on the edge of the high desert, where I live to this day, in a sweet little old house surrounded by the majestic Owyhee Mountains. Being around such beauty is good for the soul. My darling, dog ladies, Chippy, the dachshund, and Hazel, the collie, share life with me, as do two very pampered kitties. I find bliss in spoiling my animal friends, cooking, tending my houseplants, camping, hiking, finding thrift shop treasures, and painting.

From a young age, people and connections have always fascinated me. As I grew older, I developed a deep appreciation for art and nature, as well. Once I picked up a camera, I discovered that art, nature, and human emotion were all things I could capture through my lens. I was in heaven. I practiced as much as possible, shooting anything and everything, and learning as much as I could about the technical aspect of the craft. Before long, I was photographing portraits, families, and eventually weddings. It’s been a dream come true for me…blending all aspects of my passions into a career I adore. I am grateful to say I have been doing this for 12 years, now, and it is still magical to me.

I’m lucky. People give me beautiful gifts…rare glimpses into precious, fleeting, genuine emotion. Joy, passion, tears, beauty, and most importantly, LOVE. I strive to capture these incredible instances in a way that is authentic and pure. I want you to look at your photographs and feel something spark. To remember. To smile. To love.

If the images you see here speak to your heart, let’s chat. Together, we can create something beautiful.

Meet the Crew!

Hazel Nut

Hazel is a sable rough collie. She provides unexpected entertainment and affection during intense editing sessions.

Skill: Recreation Specialist

Lil Man

The handsomest ginger man who excels in cuddles, meowing, and random shenanigans.

Skill: Outdoor pest control


A darling long-haired miniature dachshund, Chippy gives the best snuggles ever. Warning: May manipulate for treats. Chippy is also a fantastic mouse hunter.

Skill: Office Lap Warmer

Princess Peaches

A gorgeous piece of living decor, this precious floof adds an elegant flair wherever she chooses to lounge. She's also the CEO of indoor rodent procurement.

Skill: Furniture Enhancement

Boise & Beyond

Available for hire in Boise, Idaho, Eastern Oregon,

& the Pacific Northwest

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